Once upon a time there was a magical city, lets call it Cleveland.

And Cleveland’s football team was pretty good.

Winning a championship for five consecutive seasons. (1946-1950) And going to the championship game 9 straight years! (1946-1955) Oh, what a wonderful place this was! Winning a total of 8 championships, everything was well in Cleveland.

Cleveland was kept safe by its great King, lets call him Paul Brown. King Brown also had a prince named Jim Brown, who kept the city safe from defeat.

Then an evil wizard known as Art Modell (remember him, he’ll be in the story later) put a spell on the King, which made him leave. Former King Brown did OK though, he ended up going to a place called Cincinnati and lived happily ever after. After King Brown left, Prince Brown stayed in Cleveland a little while longer, until he and Evil Wizard Modell got into a fight. So he then left, too.

Because Evil Wizard Modell made the King and Prince leave a prophet came out of the sky. He said to Modell, “This land that you walk on now will be cursed until a new King rightfully takes his place, falls, and returns again. The land will suffer for many years because of you. You can only run, no magic you do will work.”

Modell did not believe this prophet, and thought even if he was right, that his magic could fix it. Modell was happy when the Browns appeared to be going to the grand stage, the Super Bowl, but then Dunce John Elway went and won the game.
Another time Modell thought the Browns were going to the Super Bowl, Ernest Byner fumbled on the goal line. Once Modell realized how big of a douchebag he had been, decided to listen to the prophet and ran to Baltimore.

The city of Cleveland struggled, until one day, they found the King the prophet had mentioned.


Born and raised in the city of Akron, near Cleveland he showed off his talent. In 2003 the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him, and instantly the new King did well.

Then the King decided to turn his back to his city. And the city rioted.
Chants went “AK-RON Hates YOU” Jerseys were burned. Letters were wrote. Tears were cried. Banners were taken down. Commercials were made. Hearts were broke.

Nothing could have hurt us like the former King though. But time heals all wounds.

And now, the King has returned and made Cleveland into the Magical city it once was.

This is magical. Nothing in all of history can be compared to what is about to happen.


This is an original story. No one could make this up.
It is the ultimate story of gratification, of hope, of trails, of failure, of love, of admiration, of betrayal, of Hate, and out of that REDEMPTION.

Its the hometown story, its the comeback King, its the ultimate Homecoming, and LeBron is the Homecoming King.

Until the end of his career , until he hangs it up, he is CLEVELAND’S.

This is it.
This is the land.

The prophet was right, he had to rise and fall. But the curse is now over.


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