CLEsportsTalk readers, I welcome you to a new segment that will be coming to you every Sunday, titled: The Weekly Wrap-Up. Every Sunday, I will be reviewing the week in Cleveland sports, and hit on the big points that caught everyone’s attention.

So let’s get into it.


In a turnaround week, we saw the Tribe go 5-2, while sweeping the division leading Detroit Tigers to start the week. The Indians exhausted all options this week, winning back-to-back games in 13 long innings. The bullpen is spent, and the position players need a rest, but Tito and company are rolling along and getting closer to a .500 record. To close the week, the Tribe are currently 6.5 games back from the Tigers, with a record of 24-27. One walk-off, a balk-off, and some really hot bats later, the Tribe are back in contention heading into June.


Deja vu all over again. The Cavs pulled yet another rabbit out of their hats by obtaining the number one overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. With no Nick Gilbert in sight, this one was definitely a shocker, until David Griffin pulled out that infamous bow-tie from his jacket pocket.

The real question now is what do the Cavs do with the pick? Do they draft Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, or someone else? Or do they trade it in hopes for a secondary superstar to team with Kyrie Irving, and perhaps, the former MVP, LeBron James? The Cavs actually have a couple of issues to address.

First, they need to decide whether or not they’re going to offer Irving a max contract. The New York Daily News  came out with an article that revealed uncertainty within the organization on whether they wanted to offer Irving a max contract or not. Irving is not worth a max contract…yet. There is obvious potential in him that could be developed in to a max contract player, but right now, Irving is not deserving. However, if they do offer, and he doesn’t sign the extension, Dan Gilbert is not going to get caught with his pants down again like he did in 2010. If Irving does not sign an extension this summer, he will not remain a Cavalier.

Second, they need to decide which direction they’re about to head into. Do the Cavs put all their chips on the table for LeBron this off-season? If they do, they will be trading that first overall pick for a surefire all-star (Kevin Love?), to help bait LeBron into thinking that he can win a title right away in Cleveland. I don’t think they should go this route. The last time they banked on LeBron, it turned into four years of disaster. You cannot ignore the talent that all three of the top projected players have, and they could always package a Waiters, or an Irving centered deal to find a sidekick for LeBron.

If they do draft a player, I’d like it to be Embiid. Back problems aside, he’s the most talented big man to come out since Dwight Howard. Huge wingspan, offensive touch, paint presence on defense, athletic. Embiid has everything we’ve ever wanted in a big man, but have never gotten. After the Cavs passed on Andre Drummond, I feel like they’ll be making a big mistake if they pass on Embiid. Right up there with him is Andrew Wiggins. I will probably go back and forth on these two until someone is actually drafted. Wiggins is a freak athlete, with great offensive and defensive skills. The only real questions for Wiggins are: does he have that desire, and how long will it take him to develop? Aside from that, the kid is built to be a star in the association.

The best thing for the David Griffin in this draft, is that that he can’t screw it up.


The Browns started practicing this week with all of the new members of the team, the rookies. Yes, we finally got a few glimpses of the coveted Johnny Football, not only on the field, but off. Manziel took a trip to Las Vegas this weekend and he’s receiving all the wrong kinds of press for it. People questioning his motives, saying he should have his head in the playbook trying to win the starting quarterback spot. Relax, people. The kid is going to enjoy a weekend in Vegas with Gronk. Let him enjoy himself and then he can get in his work and try and win the starting spot when the Browns get back to Berea for the home stretch.

We’re still waiting to hear news on Josh Gordon’s suspension, but we welcomed Miles Austin and Earl Bennett to the Dawg Pound. What a sight for sore eyes, two talented and experienced wide receivers. Let’s just hope that they can stay healthy.


You won’t see me writing much about the Gladiators, but hey, they’re sitting atop the AFL’s American East division with a record of 9-0. Give this team some credit, they’re doing big things in the AFL, and are also drawing a pretty decent crowd. The games are fun and family-friendly, so take a night and go out to support the team.


It was a pretty crazy week for Cleveland sports. Hopefully we will continue to see big stories coming from Cleveland, and always, remember these three things:

Go Browns, Roll Tribe, and Go Cavs!

-AJ Ondrey

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