Week 2 of the NFL season has come and gone. Did the Cleveland Browns find their formula for success on Thursday Night Football? We can’t definitively say that because it was against the Bengals. Let’s see what they can do against better teams down the road. But there were some other interesting matchups in Week 2.

Baltimore Ravens 33 at Houston Texans 16

The Houston Texans must’ve drawn the short straw when it comes to the schedule makers. That’s because they opened up the season on the road at Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs and then they had to come home and play against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. What’s up with that? It was supposed to be the battle of the young quarterbacks between Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson, but Baltimore’s defense just laughed at Houston’s offense and totally shut them down. The cherry on top of the sundae was the Ravens running a direct snap to running back Mark Ingram that he took to the end zone and then doing some karate on the Texans’ logo.

Atlanta Falcons 39 at Dallas Cowboys 40

What is it with the Atlanta Falcons and blowing big leads? They were up 29-10 at halftime! Teams who score 39 points and have no turnovers were undefeated going into this game and yet Atlanta still found a way to screw it up. It’s the largest lead blown by Atlanta since… well you know what game, 28-3.

Kansas City Chiefs 23 at Los Angeles Chargers 20 (overtime)

Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert didn’t even know that he was starting until just after the coin toss, yet he was able to go out, play solid football and put the Chargers in a position to potentially knock off the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. However, the Chargers elected to punt on 4th and 1 and Kansas City drove down the field where kicker Harrison Butker nailed a 58-yard field goal to win it.

Washington Football Team 15 at Arizona Cardinals 30

Arizona’s quarterback Kyler Murray had lots of fun on Sunday running all over Arizona’s defense. Plus, Washington decided to leave Deandre Hopkins in the red zone and he scored a touchdown as a result.

New England Patriots 30 at Seattle Seahawks 35

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…a game between the Patriots and Seahawks came down to the 1-yard line. Except, this time it was the Seahawks who stopped the Patriots at the 1-yard line.

New Orleans Saints 24 at Las Vegas Raiders 34

Perhaps Derek Carr is the future Raiders’ quarterback after all. After a slow start, the Raiders’ offense was able to find its rhythm thanks to a strong running game from Josh Jacobs and a breakout performance from tight end Darren Waller.

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