Cleveland Sports Talk Announces Official Participation in Browns Parade 2.0


Cleveland Sports Talk: CST will have three representatives join in the caravan of the Browns 2.0 Parade in  Cleveland today, January 7, 2018. With this news of CST joining the parade led by Chris McNeil, our stance is clear: We are for it and we are here for it whether you like it or not. Here’s our President/CEO, Zach Shafron’s take on why we are joining:

This event has taken a lot of heat because across the country people are taking the word “parade” straight out of the dictionary definition and applying it as if this were a celebration of a winless team. Which would be tacky and counter-productive.

This event, in truth, however, is sarcastic, it’s prophetic and it’s a message. A message that the legendary football fanbase of Cleveland wants a real parade where we can celebrate champions one day. Much sooner rather than later.

It’s simple. The fans want a winner. It’s gotten so bad that something radical is happening. And we are here for it as a site built by fans, for fans. We link arms on January 7 with Cleveland fans everywhere to send the message that the next time we do this we’d much rather it be after a Super Bowl victory.


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