With the draft just hours away lets get an update on what’s going on.

ESPN has been reporting that it’s a tie between Parker and Wiggins. A lot of us here have come to the consensus that Wiggins will be the pick tonight.

Throughout all the trade talks, and all the other possibilities the Cavs have, they still come back to Wiggins. Will that player be as impactful as Wiggins? The answer so far is no. I do not think the Cavaliers should trade, nor will trade the number 1 pick. And I believe that Wiggins will be the pick tonight.

There are many reasons why I think Wiggins is the right pick.

There is no doubt Andrew Wiggins is an ELITE perimeter defender. He will be a force in the Cavaliers defense right away. Wiggins will create transition opportunities with Kyrie Irving. No shooting guard in the NBA has the size to match up with him.

Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett was a disappointment last year. He showed that he was not worthy of the #1 pick. Especially while other rookies like Michael Carter Williams shined bright. This offseason Bennett has worked hard and slimed down. Reports are that he is primed for a comeback. But this year where the draft comes down to only 2 players, Wiggins and Parker, Wiggins is the one that would allow Bennett to continue to develop and get better. Bennett towards the end of the year started to look like he belonged in the NBA. Cleveland has to make game time available to him this season so he can become that player. I hope Bennett has a comeback year. With a legitimate team and the right coaching and playing time, he is in a position to do just that.

Lebron James
Cleveland has to draft like LeBron is not coming back. They have to make sure they put a team on the floor that is capable of winning without LeBron James. But IF he comes back, that would make them all the better. With talk that LeBron and Carmelo Anthony want to play together circulating, it appears Cleveland is in a position to make that happen. And IF both Carmelo and LeBron James come to Cleveland, that would deem Parker completely obsolete, and Wiggins all the more valuable. With Irving, Wiggins, Waiters, James, and Anthony, there would be serious talent. Letting go of Luel Deng, and Varejao should also allow us to retain Spencer Hawes if they load his contract towards the back. That would undoubtedly give us the best starting 5 in the league while having an emerging star such as Waiters as the 6th man. Having a great PG, 2 up and coming SG, GREAT SF and PF, and a good all around Center would put us in contention for titles for MANY years to come.

As I touched on earlier, Wiggins is a Shooting Guard. Even if LeBron doesn’t return we can just retain Deng and have our starting SF. With Wiggins and Waiters sharing the 2 spot, our guards would never be an issue. When Kyrie is resting Jack is out. And having both Wiggins and Waiters would be a great help.

This Cavaliers have potential! They will do great things. Everyone is excited about this draft and this season, and for the seasons to come. I’m ready to see the Cavs win again. I’m ready for the Q to be rocking again. Lets make it happen Cleveland.

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