NBA Free Agency is set to begin tomorrow, and there are plenty of marquee players available for the Cavaliers to attempt to lure here to Cleveland to begin our quest for a title. Our roster is young, youthful and full of potential to become truly great. However, every GREAT team has seasoned veterans that know the ropes. Players that have been there before, done that in the past, fought through a tough playoff series, and maybe even won an NBA Title with a different team. THAT is why this upcoming free agency period is so important for the Cavs. We must age our team, so to speak.

From Houston’s Chandler Parsons to of course the great LeBron James, the talent is out there for the taking this off season. It’s up to Cavs general manager David Griffin to make it happen. We’ve got some cap space, and the ability to move some current contracts around such as PG Jarrett Jack, a player that plenty of teams would be willing to welcome to their team.

Our hardest part is that “It’s Cleveland.” Our hit club is Whirly Ball, and our best beach is at Wild Water Kingdom. Although amazingly, this city has something that most do not. Our fans have more heart, and a greater desire to win than any other city on the planet. Miami doesn’t have that, Houston doesn’t have that, it’s us Clevelanders that do.

The bottom line is that if a Cleveland teams wins a championship, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER is cherished like no other. Treated as godly figures by the inhabitants of this city for eternity. THAT is why they should want to play here. Not for the money, not for the clubs or the parties, but to win for a city the deserves it after all of these years.

Now I don’t own the Cavs, although that would be pretty awesome. And I am not the general manager either, another cool gig. But what I am and have been since I was a little boy is an absolutely die-hard fan. I understand how badly this city wants a title, and I wasn’t even around for the terrible atrocities of the late-80’s with “The Drive and “The Fumble.”

If I was Dan Gilbert or David Griffin here’s my pitch – “Help us to win a championship, and you will be a Cleveland legend forever.”

Let’s see what happens.

-Zach Shafron



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