The Cleveland Indians are in a pickle right now, as everyone knows they have decided to change their name to the Cleveland Guardians. The problem is there is already a team named the Cleveland Guardians. That nickname belongs to a roller derby team located in Cleveland and has been in existence since 2013. While reading the article today, I was in disbelief that the Cleveland Indians are being sued by the roller derby team. I honestly thought it was a joke at first.  According to the ESPN article, the lawsuit states “A Major league club cannot take a smaller team’s name and use it for itself.” If the Cleveland baseball team continues to neglect the lawsuit and continue to use the Guardians name, the roller derby team plans on buying collective advertising. Also, they want to make sure there is no confusion between both teams and I’m sure a bunch of people would not know the difference if they are not sports fans.

While listening to the Carton and Roberts show on WFAN New York sports radio,  I learned even more about this whole situation. Craig Carton mentioned that the Cleveland Indians knew about the roller derby team already and offered money in exchange for the rights to the name. An interesting piece to this story was in April, the Cleveland Indians filed a trademark application for the Guardians name located in the East African island nation known as Mauritius,  which is near the Indian Ocean. This is wrong on all levels as they were hoping that nobody would find out. The roller derby team would send a picture of their jersey to the Indians a few months later. I am certain that the Indians will look to pay a large sum of money as it would be a terrible look if they can no longer call themselves the Cleveland Guardians. In my personal opinion, they should reconsider their nickname as they can most certainly come up with a better name. Many people and including myself think it is not a good nickname for the team to begin with. If they need to change the team name, what should they be called?

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