Cleveland Guardians Current Standing: Almost Halfway Through The Season

In the middle of June and a little over two months of baseball, the Cleveland Guardians have been playing great baseball. They are currently in second place in the AL Central. Here are the current AL Central standings:

Minnesota Twins: 38-29

Cleveland Guardians: 33-28

Chicago White Sox: 31-32

Detroit Tigers: 25-40

Kansas City Royals: 23-41

The Guardians have been hot in the month of June with a 12-4 June record. After a slow start to the beginning of the season, this youngest baseball team in the league Cleveland Guardians are inching closer and closer to first place. The Minnesota Twins are still in first place in the central only up by one game. The Twins have been struggling lately being on much more of a cold spell compared to the Guardians. Even though only currently in second place, the Guardians are closely in play of the MLB Wild Card Game only trailing Toronto and Tampa Bay.

This has been a fun season of baseball so far! I was not expecting these young Guardians to be this good for this season. Even though I was not expecting it, I am glad to be wrong and for them to be winning. With the baseball team name change a bit sour, the Guardians winning will cure all.

We still have three and a half more months of regular season baseball. With this season still being long from over, the Guardians have to continue to play at this hot level in order to compete for a postseason spot and even the division. The greatest thing about the way the Guardians are playing right now is that they are shocking the league. No one expected them to even be over .500 as they are in a rebuild. Whatever happens, this team does not quit. Go Guardians and Defend The Land!


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