February 27, 2024

Cleveland Guardians Advance to ALDC In Most Suspenseful Way


This past weekend, the Cleveland Guardians swept the Tampa Bay Rays in a best of three series in the Wildcard round of the 2022 MLB playoffs. Even though this young Cleveland team swept the Rays, it was a tough one. The Guardians scored only a total of three runs throughout the series while only holding Tampa Bay to just one run in their two games played.

The only runs scored by the Guardians in this series were only off of home runs. A two-run shot from Jose Ramirez and a solo walk-off home run from Oscar Gonzalez. Aside from the field play, Ramirez and Gonzalez are the sole reason that the Guardians scored during their hitting parade. Now, don’t get me wrong, Tampa Bay is a good team, and the Guardians earned this series, but they are going to need many more runs if they want to beat the Yankees in the ALDS.

The Yankees will be a tough match-up for the Guards, but with being the youngest team in the league, the Guardians are proving other ball clubs wrong. At the beginning of the season, everyone was saying that the Guardians would not even have a chance at sniffing the postseason. And look what happened!!! It feels like the movie “Major League” all over again, except this time we are in real life.

Getting back to this recap series, Game Two was very nerve-racking to watch. There was a score of 0-0 until the bottom of the 15th. That is almost two games in one. Thankfully, Oscar Gonzalez came up to bat and ended the game sending both the fans home happy and the Guardians heading to New York.

This baseball team has been fun to watch and has proved many, including myself, wrong. The ALDS series against the Yankees will be one to watch. Hopefully, the Guards can take this series and in a more fun manner, rather than having us wait 15 scoreless innings. Keep fighting Guards! We still have much baseball left to go! Let’s Go Guardians!!!!

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