Cleveland Fandom: Always Hard, Harder Lately

Being a Cleveland sports fan has always been challenging. Minus the 2016 Cavs NBA Title, it’s been filled with heartbreak and various failures. However, it has recently gotten even worse.

The Browns won over the Bengals, 27-19, at home. However, it didn’t feel like a Victory Sunday. There are so many rumors about the future of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and he is only in his first year with the team. Apparently, Beckham Jr. is playing through a sports hernia and quarterback Baker Mayfield (speaking after the game) did not like that fact…

“It wasn’t handled the right way in our training room. It is what it is.”

These Cincinnati Bengals only had one win coming into the game and the Browns literally gave them every opportunity to win. I am just thankful Cleveland managed to find a way to pull out a victory because the city would have gone absolutely crazy with a loss. At 6-7, the team still has a small shot at making the playoffs, but it is really unlikely.

A comparison to this Beckham Jr. never-ending speculation would be to the ’09-’10 Cavs season when the fear of LeBron James leaving dominated the headlines. Now, OBJ doesn’t make as much of an impact as LeBron did, but they are both superstars. LeBron became a free agent and OBJ still has three more seasons on his contract after this year is over. That, right there, is a big difference. It would have to be through trade to move the receiver, not just an ESPN special.

Shifting to the Indians and it looks like the team is going the end up trading shortstop Fransisco Lindor. I am tired of the franchise trading away its best players because they are unable to re-sign them. Money talks and that is the case in baseball, too.

After a somewhat exciting start to the season, the Cavs lost to the 76ers, 141-94. Literally, they lost by 47 and that is absurd. There are rumors the players don’t like Coach Beilein and his system. From a 4-5 record, the team is now 5-17 and it feels like they don’t even want to be out there.

Not every person that likes Cleveland sports is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, but there are a lot of them. The Buckeyes won by 13 in the Big 10 Championship over Wisconsin as the #1 seed, yet still dropped to #2 in the College Football Playoff rankings and I felt that was unfair. They will play #3 Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl for a chance to go to the title game.

I don’t understand how a team, as the #1 seed, can win and still drop a spot in the rankings. The system makes little sense.

In summation, the Browns won and it feels like a loss, the Cavs got absolutely throttled and can’t win a game, the Indians are probably going to trade their best player and Ohio State is ranked #2 even after winning as #1.

Frankly, this city can never catch a break…or a ball.

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