Cleveland: Could Sports Have Slowed This Chaos?

There are many things more important than sports. Even the Browns, Cavs and Indians take a backseat to a lot of life. Family, friendship and career, to simply name a few. However, does the lack of these teams in uniform and playing games have anything to do with the current situation in our society?

It is true that sports are more than just a game. It gives people something to watch and invest in on a frequent basis. Whether it be going/watching the various games or reading an article like this one, the people love it. Men, women, young, old, white or black, it doesn’t matter.

Usually, rooting for one team to beat the other is what is so important to society.

With Covid-19, the NBA season was halted and the MLB season delayed. It is reasonable to be concerned that the NFL and College Football may be affected as well depending on what happens in the coming months. Sadly, something is missing that matters to many people and it shows in many ways.

Is this to say that every single person that went out to violently protest would’ve stayed home or attended a game instead? Well, of course not. However, having those games may have changed the dynamic of society and what people are truly interested in.

The players miss playing. The fans miss watching and cheering. The reporters miss writing and broadcasting. Unfortunately, in the meantime, a lot of horrible events have occurred and that is what the people have to deal with instead of being fans of the teams that are loved.

Hopefully, this virus will dissipate sooner rather than later and it will allow folks to return to investing energy in sports. There is no telling if it will fix the problems of this country, but it will give people an avenue to delve in.

On Saturday night, rioters managed to get inside Progressive Field. This is horrific in it of itself, but it is even worse because those are the only people that have been in the stadium this season. With no games played this year, the Cleveland fans haven’t been inside the right way to support the Indians that should be playing on the field. That makes it sting a tiny bit more.

Peaceful protests are a right of Americans and should be welcomed. However, destroying the city that is loved by fans, that had a parade with thousands of people after the 2016 Cavs Championship, is hard to see and hear about.

When the virus is gone and sports return, it is hopefully a key cog to help society and its return to normalcy. It would be a relief away from the chaos currently happening.

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