I’ll admit it. I couldn’t stand the guy. I still don’t know if I really like him. He just seems so full of himself. He’s just so arrogant, walking around flashing the money sign in opponents faces, partying in Vegas pretending he’s a modern day Broadway Joe. Don’t give me the “he’s just a kid” stuff. When I was his age I didn’t act like that, even if I had his money and fame.

He’s not your prototypical NFL quarterback either. He’s not big bodied or tall. He doesn’t have an elite arm. He sometimes made decisions that left you scratching your head. Thank heavens he had an NFL caliber receiver to bail him out.

As the NFL Draft crept closer and closer I felt my disdain slowly starting to fade. I watched his appearance on “Gruden’s QB Camp” and thought “not so bad.” I watched his performance at the Combine, and even though he didn’t throw I came away impressed. The night of the draft I found myself hoping for the Browns to draft him. I think to myself “what is happening?” I couldn’t stand this guy.

So I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and even put my seatbelt on. The thing I’ve noticed through all the complaining I’ve done is that he’s a winner. He turned his college into a winner. At the end of the day that’s really all that matters. He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, throws the ball up for grabs and still someone catches it. It’s like he’s made of magic. And magic is something Cleveland sports has needed for a long time.

Every once in a while someone comes along so polarizing you just can’t help but to love/hate. Every decision will always be gone through with a fine tooth comb and we’ll just have to get used to it. When it’s all said and done he’s a winner. Cleveland so desperately needs a winner. Cleveland so desperately needs a superstar. You know how I know he’s a superstar? I didn’t mention his name once, and you still know exactly who I’m talking about.

Josh Givens here! I’m a father and a husband of four from a small town called New Lexington, Ohio. I’m a janitor by day,and love to write and create things in my spare time. I have a blog about being a father for the Perry County Tribune and can be found on twitter @mythoughtsinorb. Thank

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