December 2, 2023

Cleveland Cavaliers Playoffs: After Game 3 Cavs Still Do Not Need Kevin Love

The Cavs are finally back in the playoffs and unfortunately fell off in Games 1 & 3 against the New York Knicks. Even though a few have been played so far, many Cleveland fans are worried. Some fans are even speculating that losing PF Kevin Love is affecting our play. I am here to tell you what to expect and how to not be so overwhelmed about losing Kevin Love.

First of all, the loss of Kevin Love has actually given the Cavs a better chance to contend. The reason I say this is because either with or without Kevin Love, the Cavs would still be the 4th seed in the playoffs. The only difference is right now, the Cavs are using dead moments on Love’s gameplay.

Now, after watching Game 3, the Cavs were extremely atrocious at scoring and trying to hit the 3-pointer. This still has no effect on having Kevin Love or not. I do not believe Love would have been able to fix the bad shooting.

After the first half of the game, the Cavs were 2/19 when shooting 3’s. That’s awful!! The Cavs will need to fix this for Game 4 later today. Garland needs to shoot better and the team needs to cut to the basket instead of shooting threes every time.

I stand by this opinion. Now for a little Kevin Love tribute and reminiscing.

I understand the concern and we all enjoyed Kevin Love’s time in Cleveland. He was here for almost 10 seasons and played a key role in the 2016 Championship series. The unfortunate thing is that everything must come to an end and Love’s style was starting to get outdated with Cleveland.

Since Love has been with the Heat, he has scored more points and even helped them win their first game of the playoff. But I would not count his current performance on this Cavs team because sometimes, players learn to play better on a new team. It’s unfortunate but that is how the game of professional sports works.

So, for anyone worried about losing Kevin Love, it is not going to make a difference. The Cavs are here, in the now, and will make this a great series. They slipped up on the first and third games, but we have four more to fight within this series. Let’s Go Cavs!!!!

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