April 14, 2024

The Cleveland Cavaliers have completed a three-team trade this morning, July 1, 2023. This trade sends SG Max Strus to the Cavaliers, from the Heat. The Miami Heat have acquired a second-round pick from the Cavs. The San Antonio Spurs are receiving Cedi Osman, Lamar Stevens and a second-round pick in the trade.

This is a trade that was speculated by analysts early on, as many have stated to watch out for the moves the Cavs are about to make. This is a big splash trade for the Cavs as Strus should help beef up the scoring even more for the Cavs offense.

Lamar Stevens and Cedi Osman were loved here in Cleveland, but they never seemed to be full-time superstar starters. Max Strus will be that replacement and be a full-time starter for the Cavs. This trade should get everyone hyped for basketball season as I feel the expectations should now be a little bit higher.

Now that this trade has been completed, I would not be surprised if the Cavaliers make a few more moves. There are still a few more months of the off-season, so there is still time to look out for another potential move for Cleveland.

Overall, this is a great trade for the Cavs and should raise the bar a little bit higher for our team. Acquiring Strus here will be a difference-maker on the court. I am excited to see what other moves the Cavs may make and to now see Strus in a Cleveland uniform. Let’s Go Cavs!!!!

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