February 26, 2024

Today, July 18, 2023, the Cleveland Browns have officially released white helmets that they will be wearing for three games this upcoming 2023 season. Followed by the white helmets, the Browns are also bringing back their anniversary jerseys for these three games. The three games the Browns will be wearing these uniforms for are week 2 against the Steelers, week 6 against the 49ers and week 17 against the Jets.

There seems to be mixed reviews regarding the white helmet. Some are saying the white helmet is non-traditional while others are saying that this is a great new look for the Browns to involve within their uniform scheme. I would say that this brings back some traditional values of the white leather helmets the Browns used early on in their franchise history. The Browns are doing a good job trying to involve old history with new values.

For the people who are skeptical of the white helmet, I would say this may help the Browns win some games. A change of scenery can always be good for a franchise. I love the orange traditional Browns helmets and they are forever here to stay. I do, however, enjoy seeing a new alternate look for some games as well.

Browns fans – how do you feel? Do you like the new white helmet, or should the Browns have just kept the orange helmet?

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