April 19, 2024

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Is Here and Still No Watson Suspension


The Cleveland Browns have begun training camp earlier this week and there is still not an answer for a suspension regarding QB Deshaun Watson. Watson has been participating in training camp activities and looks like he is ready to go for the regular season. Lawyer Sue Robinson, who is the lawyer making the final decision on Watson, has yet to say anything or make any decision at all.

While the decision is being awaited, Watson has been training at the Cleveland Browns facility every day. He looks like he is meshing well with the offense and looks better than ever for the 2022 NFL season. Many Browns fans were surprised that a decision on Watson has not occurred yet. Including myself, We Browns fans were expecting some kind of suspension to happen before training camp started. So…what does this mean for Watson?

This means that Deshaun Watson could possibly play in the pre-season before a possible suspension. He may also possibly be suspended before the pre-season starts. The final choice that could also possibly happen is Watson surprisingly does not get suspended and/or gets suspended for only a few games at the beginning of the regular season. There are many outcomes to this topic and I wish I could give everyone an answer. Unfortunately, it is only a waiting game and we will only know what happens when Sue Robinson finally releases a decision.

Until then, we at least get to enjoy the presence and play reps of Deshaun Watson at training camp. From the looks of it, the Browns can have a top-ranking offense for this season, especially if Watson plays most of the season. For now, the best we can do as fans is enjoy training camp and hope for the best in whatever the decision on Watson holds. Let’s Go Browns!!!

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