Cleveland Browns Preseason Round Table

Updated: August 26, 2017

Three of our writers share their ideas on the upcoming Browns season by answering a few questions from Browns Content Manager, Rod Bluhm. Take a look and see who you agree with.

1. What do you want to see from the Browns this season?

Chad Painter – I’m not expecting a total 180 in the right direction yet, but I think they are heading into that turn. I expect 4-5 wins this season — Nothing overwhelming but it would signify progress. I think the Browns have favorable matchups versus the Ravens and Colts early in the season, the Jets mid-season and certainly the Bears at the end with an asterisk next to a possible win against the Jaguars. By the end of the season, I think they will give the fan base confidence by what we see in them for the future, not necessarily their 2017-2018 wins and losses.

Jake Rossler – The most important thing I want to see this season is the development of the young guys but that doesn’t mean I would accept a 3-4 win season. This should be 6-8 win team.

Max Gold – Competitiveness. I want to see the Browns compete hard and win the games that we are capable of. Also, I want to see the Browns manage a game properly. Run the ball to protect the lead.

2. Why is this regime different?

Chad Painter – This regime is not only different from the previous ones I can remember, but also from every NFL regime. It’s a unique dance of skill sets as they have married financial and analytical intellect with high football IQ between Hue Jackson and the front office. We wouldn’t have had the picks we had last year as well as this year; they wouldn’t have turned the Carson Wentz pick into Jabrill Peppers, DeShone Kizer, Shon Coleman, Cody Kessler, Ricardo Louis, Derrick Kinded, Jordan Payton and a 2018 first and second round pick – if it had not been for this new wave of a Browns regime.

Jake Rossler – Only a few preseason games in but it’s seems like they are hitting on their draft picks. That is huge. But I am still waiting and see.

Max Gold – This regime has a different feel to it. Maybe it’s the calm nature of Hue Jackson, but there is a sense of calm instead of the usual panic. It seems like they are trusting the process.

3. What will the strength of this team be?

Chad Painter – The strength of this team is absolutely going to be its defense and special teams. That side of the ball may actually score more point than the offense.

Jake Rossler – The defense is going to force turnovers this year. Gregg Williams is all about creating turnovers and we are already seeing the results in preseason games.

Max Gold – With numerous questions on offense, I believe the strength of this team will be the running game. Running the ball will alleviate pressure off the quarterback and help sustain drives. It will help game management and hopefully prevent the Browns from losing a late lead.

4. Who will be the Browns MVP this season?

Chad Painter – Myles Garrett. He’s working awfully hard to become an elite player at his position and it is showing. Working with Joe Thomas, arguably the best left tackle in 15 years, is going to up his game in an intense way, making him my choice for team MVP.

Jake Rossler – Myles Garret. I expect him to be among the leaders in sacks for the league. Teams will have to gameplan just to stop him which will open it up for other players to make plays.

Max Gold – If running is the strength of this team then Isaiah Crowell will be the Browns MVP. He is only 24-years-old and was 48 yards shy of breaking 1,000 last year. Crowell was 10th in yards per attempt (4.8), yet he finished 17th in yards per game (59.5) and 20th in attempts (198). The production is there, but the usage wasn’t. I expect more of a commitment to running this season.

5. Should DeShone Kizer learn on the job or play when Hue believes he’s ready?

Chad Painter – As of Wednesday, it would seem Hue does think he’s ready. I trust that. I know he is only 21, but he is strong, fast and big – and with an offensive line like the one the Browns have assembled, he should be well-protected. I had originally been in the camp for Brock Osweiler to start for at least the first four games of the season until Kizer got to watch the NFL game and speed. But I have to root for Kizer now and he certainly is showing he’s got some game in preseason which is very exciting.

Jake Rossler – I love that Kizer is starting right away. Kizer will be able to handle the ups and downs that a rookie QB will face. Let him develop on the field. Sitting on the bench watching Brock screw up left and right wasn’t going to teach him anything.

Max Gold – Now, there are only 16 games to properly evaluate Kizer before we decide to draft another quarterback next year. Honestly, though, we can afford to wait until Week 5 to start Kizer at home against the Jets.

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