Cleveland Browns’ Hidden Gems: FOUR Players Poised to Get More Snaps in the Upcoming Season


In the vast realm of football, where skill, potential and opportunity converge, several players on the Cleveland Browns roster have been quietly making waves. Within the Cleveland Browns’ roster lies a quartet of players whose talents have yet to be fully appreciated. As the new season beckons, these unsung heroes may find themselves catapulted into the spotlight, earning increased minutes on the field. Let’s explore their potential impact:

WR Marquis Goodwin

A relatively unknown presence, Goodwin has quietly cultivated a strong rapport with Deshaun Watson¬†since joining the Browns. Whispers from training camp suggest an undeniable chemistry between the two, teasing that dynamic plays are yet to come. Despite his age, Goodwin retains the ability to stretch the field, showcasing impressive speed that will undoubtedly add a new dimension to the Browns’ offensive arsenal. With his reliable hands and versatility, he brings a level of play that even surpasses Landry’s last season with the Browns.


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