Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks Episode Two Recap

After an intriguing first episode, here is a recap about major topics from episode two of Hard Knocks:

A good portion of the episode dealt with Corey Coleman. Todd Haley was all over Coleman about his effort and lack of focus in practice. In what seemed to be a montage, it showed a bunch of clips of Coleman not going all out on his routes, not fighting through a DB press and simply not going for the ball. A few more minutes later and it cuts to a clip where Coleman enters Hue Jackson’s office and asks him why he’s playing with the second-team. Jackson told him to go ask Todd Haley and Coleman responded with, “If you all don’t want me to play, why don’t you just trade me?”, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

They did just that. He was traded on Aug. 5 to Buffalo for a seventh-round draft pick in 2020.

Antonio Callaway had severe off-field issues dating back to his college days, but the Browns took a risk on him because they liked what the reward could be. It cuts to Callaway on the field, struggling with his inner demons and constantly thinking about the night before where he was cited for marijuana possession and a suspended license after he was pulled over by the police. Callaway had a roach of a blunt in his car and forgot about it. He said he hadn’t smoked at all and that it was probably from a while ago because his car just got shipped from Florida to Ohio. Some of the coaches and players were consoling him because of the look on his face. After practice, Hue Jackson and John Dorsey pulled him into their office and chatted about the night before. Hue believes Callaway, but he remained clear stating, “I believe you, but if I am wrong on this one, then I’m gonna have your ass.”

First overall pick, Baker Mayfield, made his debut against the New York Giants last Thursday. He showed poise, pin-point accuracy and pocket awareness. Mayfield is ahead of where he should be and that’s extremely encouraging for the Browns, being a team who has struggled in the past with QBs. On the sideline, the coaches were pleased with his performance and intelligence. His stat line for the game: 225 total yards, 55% completion and two touchdowns with zero interceptions. It was a solid performance to build off of.

There’s change coming.

Image: HBO

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