Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks Episode Three Recap

Here are some takeaways from the third episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ with the Cleveland Browns:

  • Baker Mayfield talks with head coach Hue Jackson about how the game is slowing down for him, especially when it comes to the little details. During camp, Jackson asked Mayfield if he was having fun. To no one’s surprise, Mayfield said he’d much rather be in the games. His fiery drive to compete is always on display.

“You did some good things. Made some throws. We’re not going to stop you from growing, we’re going to keep pushing you to drive this team,” Jackson says to the rookie quarterback.

  • Dez Bryant made his landing in Northeast Ohio to visit the Browns. Bryant is known for being under the spotlight, much to his own doing. He made sure everyone in the facility knew he was there. Hue Jackson had an interesting conversation with the former Cowboy. Bryant was asked what he wanted and he said, “realness.” Dez seemed to be locked in and ready to go, but he also has other options around the league he’s waiting for. Obviously, Cleveland is not his first choice, but he may come around back to it if the other things don’t work out. He left without a deal.

“It’s going to take guys like you who could help us get back to where we want to be,” Jackson’s pitch to reel in Dez.

  • The chippiness is back in practice once again between coordinators Todd Haley and Gregg Williams. Haley got livid when someone on the defense touched the QB in practice. Williams responds with, “Block em’ then!”

“Good teams don’t touch the f****** quarterback!” Haley has a point. That correlates with discipline and that’s what the Browns have been struggling within games.

  • Jarvis Landry and Terrance Mitchell got into it a little bit. After trash talking each other all practice, the emotions finally broke loose. Landry chucks the football at Mitchell’s head after an incomplete pass. Christian Kirksey went to the sideline to make sure Jarvis was alright. He lamented that both of them needed to be smart and not get hurt because of some fight.

“You gotta be smart, man,” says Kirksey.

The next two week should start to get rough as roster cuts will start. Some of the fan favorites will have to go, unfortunately.


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