Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks Episode Four Recap

HBO Hard Knocks episode four featuring the Cleveland Browns has concluded. With that being said, here are some takeaways:

The Browns are full of jokes: The rookie premier show was at its finest. Baker Mayfield’s impressions of John Dorsey were on point. From the obnoxious gum-chewing to his walking style, it was hilariously accurate. Wide receiver Blake Williams imitated Jarvis Landry’s rant about practicing when hurt, voicing over the clip of a heated Landry. To make it even better, Williams put walking braces/boots on his feet and tried to run routes. Landry seemed to enjoy the mini-roast session about him.

Josh Gordon is back, once again: Opening scene cuts straight to Josh Gordon’s nameplate on his locker. Every time I see that name or him, I smile, because he gives me hope. It seems like the Browns are heavily reliant on Gordon’s return to the field. John Dorsey and Hue Jackson refer to him as the “big fish.” After a three week hiatus, Gordon is glad to be back. He says he pretty much knows all of the plays and that he wanted to practice, but the coaches and a tweaked hamstring decided otherwise.

Myles Garrett is a freak of nature: He is shaped like a statue. It’s almost like an artist sculpted a rock into the leanest human ever to walk the earth. He absolutely bullied the Eagles’ left tackle Vaitai all game. When healthy, Garrett is one of the league’s most dominant defensive ends. His ability to beat you with his quickness along with the strength he already possesses; it’s very impressive.

Tyrod Taylor is determined: During the Eagles game, Taylor injured his non-throwing wrist and dislocated his pinky. After watching the replay, it looked like he snapped his wrist in half. Hearing his screams in the blue tent when he was being evaluated shows you how much pain he was in. The fact that he went back in the game during preseason is insane. Hue could have held him out, but Taylor wanted more action. Also, if Baker Mayfield came in and lit it up when he was on the sideline, it would’ve been even harder to keep Baker Mania at bay.


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