February 20, 2024

Cleveland Browns Give Bill Callahan a Coaching Extension


The Cleveland Browns this week hired Jim Schwartz as their new defensive coordinator and we’ve also learned that they’ve extended the contract of another experienced coach, Bill Callahan, who is in charge of the offensive line for the Browns. Callahan has been pursued by other teams in the past because of his expertise and excellence in the field of coaching, especially as an offensive line guru. 

Most recently, the New York Jets came knocking, asking to interview him for their own offensive coordinator position but Callahan kindly turned them down. It’s been reported that the Browns offered him an extension. Which came first is anyone’s guess, but he took the extension and should be here, along with Schwartz and head coach Kevin Stefanski, for several more years to come.

He’s really helped build the Cleveland offensive front up over the last several seasons. He has excellent Pro Bowler players already in Joel Bitonio and Jack Conklin. He’s also added Wyatt Teller in the last few seasons. The other lineman Jedrick Wills is just finishing up his third season at the left tackle position. There has been some discussion about Wills and how he’s done especially this past season. Many fans have seen a lack of effort on the part of Wills and there is some chatter about him being released or traded in the future. However, the team is also considering giving him an extension so we shall see. 

Regardless of that decision on Wills, Callahan sticking around in Cleveland to continue strengthening the line that helped running back Nick Chubb have an explosive year in which he gained over 1,500 yards rushing is symbolic of how good this front four really is. The line has had its struggles with injuries in the last two seasons, so we’ll have to see how things pan out next season, but having Callahan around to work with Stefanski and Schwartz is really good news for the team and shows some much-needed continuity.

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