Cleveland Browns Fans Necessary “To Do” List Prior To The Season

Cleveland Browns

Tailgating prep and recipes

Now, I haven’t been tailgating to too many Browns games and experienced the Muni Lot near the stadium. I know many of you have and from the sounds of it, it’s an amazing experience. I have been to a few tailgates in my day, some even at that enemy Stadium in Kansas City, called Arrowhead as I lived near KC for 25 years. I tailgated though with other die-hard Browns fans so it’s all good.

But now you are preparing your portable grills, shining all the barbeque equipment and putting together all the other necessary items, like the lawn chairs and Browns décor. What new recipes are you considering? I lived out in Kansas all those years and though we didn’t always tailgate on Sundays we would watch games from the local bar and would bring local creations to the party each game. My friend Raul would make the most awesome and hot salsa and dip for the homemade tortilla chips his wife would make. The tailgating experience is part of what makes being a Browns fan memorable.

Cleveland Browns


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