Cleveland Browns Fans Necessary “To Do” List Prior To The Season

Cleveland Browns

If you’re a diehard Cleveland Browns fan, not just your average Browns fan, but like super, over the top type of Browns fan then you are like me and are counting down the seconds to the season starting. I’ve even started a social media countdown in recent weeks. As of this moment, we have 54 days until the Browns kickoff against the Kansas City Chiefs out in Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium on September 12th.

So here are a few things you might be considering doing as you prep for this next exciting season for the Browns:

Buying new apparel

I’m constantly looking at various sports apparel websites trying to decide what next Cleveland Browns clothing I’m going to buy? I finally got Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb jerseys a year ago. Now I’ve been trying to decide what new t-shirts to buy and maybe a pullover or two. But then I have to factor in that I already have like thirty other pieces of Browns clothing in my overcrowded closet. My wife is wanting me to get rid of some of those items to make room for the new. But I can’t! I’m a crazy Browns fan! I’m a hoarder of all things that are Cleveland Browns. What will be your next purchase be? Then we can all show off our new duds at First Energy Stadium in the fall!


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