April 13, 2024

Unfortunately, HBO’s Cleveland Browns “Hard Knocks” has come to end. Here are some takeaways from episode five:

The NFL is a rough business: Roster cuts are never fun, especially when you’re the one on the bubble. Two Hard Knocks stars in TE Devon Cajuste and DE Carl Nassib met their fate during the episode. It’s very hard to cut ties with a player who you have made a bond with over the last few years, but the NFL is a cut-throat league. It’s about “what have you done for me and what will you do for me?” Fortunately for Nassib, the Buccaneers claimed him off waivers. As for Cajuste, it was just another bump in the road. He did improve throughout the preseason, but the Browns have many capable tight ends that are able to do just as much, if not more.

Todd Haley is the real MVP: From his name-calling games with Carl Nassib to his relatable frustration with Hue Jackson, Haley has provided some serious comic relief over the last few episodes and it continued into this one. In a coaches meeting, Haley, wearing a “trust the process” shirt, looks over at defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and says, “I’m beginning to find out you have no life outside of this.”

Mychal Kendricks’ mysterious situation: Last week, LB Mychal Kendricks’ was indicted with insider trading, a felony. In the episode, we don’t get to see how the Browns staff handled this case, but it sure was interesting.

“I don’t like all the details,” says Todd Haley.

“We’re working through that,” says John Dorsey.

“Is he going to jail?” Haley asks.

According to Forbes, Kendricks made around $78,000 from his Compuware investments, along with $279,000 from Move. He also netted nearly $489,000 from Sapient and about $352,000 from Oplink based on non-public information.

Fortunately for the Browns, if it were anywhere they could take a hit, it would be at linebacker. Of course, it’s never good to lose a player, but they do have a decent amount of depth at the position, still.

Image: HBO

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