February 27, 2024

Cleveland Baseball Withdrawals Are a Real Thing


Memorial Day weekend is known to unofficially kick off the start of summer. It doesn’t feel like summer without Cleveland Indians Baseball. With sports on hiatus, there’s a void left that the joy of baseball filled. The game is a therapy of sorts – when all is wrong in the world watching the boys of summer is an escape. Progressive field is a place where for nine innings fans can get away from everyday life. Additionally, there’s nothing better than listening to Tom Hamilton call it on the radio. Oh, how refreshing was it to hear “We’re under way at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario”

On the positive side MLB team owners want to start the season at the beginning of July and play at least 82 regular-season games. This proposal would have the post season wrapped up around Halloween. However, there is a squabble between the owners and the players union over the economic impact of playing without fans. The hopes are that negotiations are complete shortly after the holiday weekend and the players can begin reporting to training by mid-June.

In the interim there have been some fun ways Indians fans can interact with players and relieve some great Tribe memories. One great example has been watching SportsTime Ohio replay each game of the Indians’ 22-game win streak. The games have been broadcasted consecutively and it takes the viewer back to the historic moment. The win streak was nothing short of amazing. It’s cliché but nobody knew how each game was leading the team to making history.

Another interesting aspect is that due to the COVID stay-at-home orders, many of the players had a lot of down time and were interacting with fans via social media. Even the MLB has been highly active with fans and players on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It’s given the community a chance to see players go through the same things everyone else has during COVID. They want to get back on the baseball diamond as badly as the fans want to watch them play.

It is currently unknown what a shortened season will look like or how it will all play out. What fans do know is life without baseball is tough. The eerily empty ballpark closely resembles all the uncertainty in the world. Baseball doesn’t solve anything, but it does bring happiness to baseball fans. Of course, it can definitely bring its fair share of stress to Cleveland fans as well! It’s just not the same without the crack of the bat, the seventh inning stretch, the dugout shenanigans.

Here’s to baseball. Here’s to America’s favorite pastime. It certainly has been missed.

“Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don’t win, it’s a shame.
For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
At the old ball game.”


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