Just when you thought the 24-40 Cavaliers were down and out of contention, they stepped up in a might big way. Two wins against very good western conference squads, Phoenix and Golden State, leave the Cavaliers at a record of 26-40 with 16 games to go. In this year’s laughable eastern conference, that only puts the wine and gold 3.5 games behind the 8th seeded Atlanta Hawks at this moment in time.

These last two games have featured an intense, upbeat style of baseball absent from the Cavaliers’ arsenal throughout most of the 13-14 campaign. In Phoenix, the Cavs ran with every opportunity they got. The total of 17 fast break points isn’t godly, but the quickness was unmatchable each possession, hence the 110 points scored. The Cavs locked down on defense when it was needed, and controlled the game throughout the whole night. Cavs win, 110-101.

However, Golden State was a different story. The Cavs trailed at one point 20-4, and it extended out to 37-24 after the first quarter. Most Cleveland fans probably turned off their television sets for the night, and got some zzz’s. Amazingly, the 25-40 Cavaliers didn’t give up on the road against a top-tiered western conference squad. Each individual chipped in to make a comeback turn into even a comfortable double digit lead at one point. Irving with 23, Hawes added 19, & Deng finished with 18. Those three lead the charge with help from Dion Waiters and Jarrett Jack too. Wine and gold secures the W, 103-94.

The win was so mind boggling, just because of how disastrous a start we witnessed. It’s true that great teams always find a way to come back, and the Cavaliers do have the talent to become just that in the future.

Moving forward, the playoffs are still definitely reachable this season. Moreover, after these next difficult three games against Miami, Oklahoma City and Houston, the schedule lightens up a bit to end the season. 16 games isn’t an eternity, but it’s enough time to make up the 3.5 game ground and secure the Cavaliers’ first playoff birth since 2010.

It’s tough to stay on the wine and gold bandwagon, but I commend those of you that have. Basketball is a funny game, and it’s been making me laugh about how crazy a season this has been. Yet I know for a fact our Cavaliers will keep clawing all the way to the finish.

-Zach Shafron

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