November 27, 2022

Citing Stefanski: Another Dumb Play Call

The Browns vs. Lions game was awful on all fronts. However, I would like to look at a certain play that was a microcosm of the entire affair. Something to summarize the afternoon.

Let’s set the scene. Shall we?

It’s the middle of the third quarter and the Browns have a third and one. This is when the game is still 13-0 Browns on top. The team is driving and running back Nick Chubb just rushed for nine yards on second down to set this scene. The average person would think that on third and one with an amazing running back and a struggling quarterback the play call would be a rush.

After all, the Browns did just re-sign two of the best offensive linemen in the league to contract extensions for a reason. They’ve certainly earned those.

Instead of running a rushing play and pounding the ball for a first down, Baker takes the snap, chucks it down the field and it’s incomplete by a mile. However, that wouldn’t have mattered because there was a holding call on the pass protection.

It’s now 3rd and 11, Baker gets sacked for a loss on the next play and on 4th and 22 the Browns have to punt. The Lions would subsequently take the ball and drive for a touchdown to make it 13-7 and a one-score game.

Now, the coach can’t predict a holding call. However, the coach should understand that it’s much more likely that the Browns would get the first down and continue to drive by running the ball instead of a pass play with a struggling quarterback.

Yes, the Browns did win the game. Even so, from the players to the coaching staff, everyone gave the Lions a chance to be victorious. This was just one example of many from this game to previous contests.

Coach Kevin Stefanski has gone from Coach of The Year last season to someone that carries a lot of skepticism from fans alike. No one is saying fire him or anything. Just that improvements need to be made moving forward.

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