September 18, 2021

Yesterday was a good day to be a Browns fan with the news the team and star running back Nick Chubb agreed to a contract extension. The deal was announced as three years, $36.6 million with $20 million guaranteed. When I first heard this, I thought what a bargain at $12.2 million a year. About a month ago I wrote an article, projecting Chubb’s extension would be a three-year deal at $39 million, $13 million a year. I was in the ballpark, but never imagined it would be less than what I projected. This morning I saw this tweet and now I’m fully convinced this contract is a bargain for the Browns.

 $12.2 million a year is a steal, however, if you look at the contract details, it just proves that the Browns front office are contract ninjas. According to Chubb’s 2021 cap number is $4,782,381.00, the last year of his rookie contract. That’s 2.3% of the Browns salary cap of $182.5. His cap number for the first year of the extension in 2022 is $5,213,059.00, which is 2.5% of the Browns salary cap of $208.2 million. Genius. Now comes the really smart part of this contract. In 2023, the salary cap is supposed to take a giant leap because of the NFL’s $13 billion TV contract. Chubb’s 2023 cap number is $14,850,000.00 which is only 6.6% of an estimated $225 million salary cap. In the final year of his extension, 2024, his cap number is $16,200.000.00 which is only 6.3% of an estimated $256 million salary cap. I am in awe of the Browns front office.
After seeing the details of the Nick Chubb contract extension, I am fully confident that contract extensions will be completed for RG Wyatt Teller, CB Denzel Ward and finally QB Baker Mayfield. I’m so glad the Browns hired Paul DePodesta and Andrew Berry.

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