Chris Paul is the Biggest SNITCH Ever…See What He Did:

I’m just happy this didn’t happen against the Cavs.

Okay, so the T-Wolves are up two against the Thunder and Karl-Anthony Towns is at the line trying to ice the game with 1.1 seconds to go. All of a sudden, Jordan Bell checks with and his jersey is untucked. This, apparently, is a delay of game. Since this was now the second infraction for the Wolves, the Thunder got a foul shot as it was a technical foul.

I will first say that Chris Paul is smart for knowing the rules and calling out Bell for the untucked jersey. I also want to say that Paul is a petty little you-know-what for pulling that in such a crucial situation.

First of all, Towns needs to clank that ball off the rim and make it so there is no way the Thunder even have time to toss it down the floor for a layup. Secondly, the defense should never let that type of deep pass happen in that situation.

An old saying is, “Snitches get stitches.”

I feel like sometime in the future this is going to come back and haunt Chris Paul. Yes, his Thunder ended up winning by a score of 139-127 in overtime, but no one likes a snitch.

After this incident – NBA players should make sure their jerseys are always tucked in, especially if the opponent is Chris Paul’s Thunder.

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