Choice: The Salvador Perez Home Run Ball

Congrats, Salvador.

The Royals catcher hit his 46th home run of the season against the Indians at Progressive Field in Cleveland. It’s the most in a single season by a catcher. He passed the great Johnny Bench, an amazing feat that certainly deserves respect, no doubt about it.

However, the big news about this isn’t the feat itself, but the fact that the fan who caught the ball will not give it back to the man who hit the historic home run.

No, the fan is not me.

I would’ve likely made a “mitzvah” (a good deed done from religious duty), given the ball to Perez, yet demanded in return the Indians/Royals give me a couple of free first row tickets to all of next season…, and the next five seasons…for my entire family…and 10 friends, too. Just to start…

Anyway, in every article I’ve read or personality on the radio I’ve heard; they all say that giving up the ball is a must. Let me say that is absolutely not the case. This fan has every right to keep the ball. Whether it be for a keepsake, to sell it for thousands of dollars or whatever the fan wants to do with it.

The last time I checked, any ball that is caught in the stands belongs to the fan that caught it. Whether it be a foul ball in a game that means nothing, or the record ball hit by slugger Barry Bonds. Not the player who hit it, or the team he plays for.

Note: Bonds’ 756th home run ball was eventually sold to fashion designer Marc Ecko for $752,467. Yes, this type of milestone carries a big value.

This fan is allowed to make the choice.

Sure, keeping it will draw lots of flack. However, money talks. It’s easy for personalities to act like such lovely human beings. They didn’t catch the ball and it’s not huge money that could be theirs on the line.

If this is such a huge deal, teams and players should make fans sign before entering that “any ball hit in the stands belongs to the team.” This would make a lot of fans mad and sounds absolutely ridiculous. But it would make this “problem” go away, yet show up in a different way. If it were the legal obligation for the fan to give up the ball to the team, then the fan should give it up. That is not the case with this situation.

Certainly, it will be interesting to see how this story ends.

Will the fan cave and give up the ball to the team?

Will the fan hold steady and sell the ball for a huge sum of money?

We shall see…


Once again, congrats to the Royals catcher.


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