Cherish The Moment: A Little Adversity Didn’t Hurt

The Cleveland Cavaliers are heading back to the NBA Finals for the third straight year in a row and the fourth time in franchise history. Led by LeBron James, reaching The Promise Land personally for the seventh straight year, this team is ready for a showdown with the best out west, the Golden State Warriors.

Whether it be Rocky v. Apollo, Ali v. Frazier or any other fictional or real-life rematch, the intensity runs deeper and deeper with each bout.

From the second the Cavs hoisted that beautiful trophy last June, it was expected that these two would match up once again for a third war this summer.

First, business had to be taken care of and, admittedly, the Warriors played 12 fantastic games. Despite a dirty close out that kept the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard out for the remainder of the Western Conference Finals, those boys out in Oakland can play.

The Warriors swept the west (thanks NBA) and the Cavs did much of the same except for their slip up of four combined quarters from the second half of Game 3 and into the first half of Game 4.


With no injuries, overcoming a little adversity and a ticket to the finals punched, it’s clear that the Cavs have an advantage heading into Game 1 of the finals. This team had to work a little bit to get there.

Golden State has had cruise control on since the beginning of the playoffs and once the freight train with the number 23 on his back rumbles down the floor at Oracle, they may be reminded that it’s the Cavs who are defending the trophy and not the other way around.

In the moment, after losing a huge lead in Game 3, many played that adversity card I just talked about. However, there are no guarantees on the hardwood. Had LeBron or any other player gone down with an injury in Game 5, everyone would’ve criticized the team for not sweeping Boston.

So now, with no injuries, no problems and a little challenge completed, it’s go time.

As fans, cherish the moment.

When the Cavs reached the finals for the first time in the franchise’s history back in 2007, it felt like that was the best thing to ever happen to this city. The excitement was there and no one could believe that team beat the Pistons.

Now, it’s expected.

Enjoy each and every moment of these NBA Finals because, as mentioned earlier, there are no guarantees. One day, LeBron James won’t be playing on the Cavs and the finals will return to an unattainable dream like they were all those years.

We know King James will have the team ready to go. I expect the Cavs to shock the world and fight the Warriors toe-to-toe.

Cavs in 6.


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