Channing Frye’s Mark on Cleveland Will Be Eternal

PF Channing Frye is set to retire after one last game against the Hornets to end this season. It’s been an ugly year in for the Cavs, but having this guy return to finish it out here is certainly meaningful.

Frye was a part of that coveted 2016 team that won the championship, coming back from down 3-1, and while he may not of been a key cog on the floor in the final stretch, his presence in the locker room was certainly a factor that some say led the team to glory.

Tristan Thompson even said “If it wasn’t for Channing, I don’t know if we’d win that championship.”

Frye was drafted with the 8th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. He played for, Portland, Phoenix, Orlando, Los Angeles Lakers (briefly) and of course, Cleveland.

I’d describe Channing’s game as a big man who could also shoot the three. He was great from the line, too.

This is my favorite Channing game as a Cav, on the court. He has a beautiful shot.

What we will remember most from Channing is his infectious personality, his hilarious moments and always being a consummate professional. What Tristan said is true; I am not sure this team wins it all without a guy like Frye in the locker room.

At 35, you have a long life ahead. Best of luck with retirement. Thank you for everything and I wish you well! We all do here at CST and in Cleveland.

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