Changing Up The Super Bowl Broadcast

During the College Football National Championship between Clemson and LSU (aka the battle of the Tigers), the main broadcast for the game was on ESPN. However, as the fan, one had the opportunity to switch to other channels and watch a different broadcast.

For example, there was a broadcast where there was no commentary and it was a sky-cam and all one heard was the PA announcer. Or, there was another broadcast where other teams’ coaches would be providing their analysis on what was happening in the game. But, for some reason, there is only one broadcast for the Super Bowl tonight and just in general, which makes absolutely no sense.

On the NFL Network, there is the option to have just the scoreboard on the screen and listen to the radio broadcast. But, to me, that makes no sense.

Why just have the scoreboard on the screen with the radio broadcast?

One could be doing some other type of broadcast where analysts are providing their takes on what is happening in the game. I think a majority of people would agree with me in saying that the Super Bowl is bigger than the College Football National Championship.

So why is it that fans can watch multiple broadcasts of the College Football National Championship but only one broadcast of the Super Bowl? Is it because the College Football National Championship is broadcast on ESPN?

If that’s the case, then why doesn’t ESPN broadcast the Super Bowl and give fans the opportunity to watch a variety of different broadcasts?

Then again, why does ESPN only broadcast one of the two wildcard games? `

Because once the wild card round is over, ESPN doesn’t broadcast any more games. I get that the Super Bowl rotates between FOX, NBC, and CBS (in that order), but how come ESPN doesn’t get the opportunity to broadcast the game?

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