March 3, 2024

What I hate most about the NFL Playoffs is that it’s simply a single game each round with the Super Bowl being one game as well. We saw this disappointment with the Browns in their matchup against the Texans which ended in a blowout loss. Finished. After an entire season of grit and grind it was over just like that…

Before everyone freaks out this is simply an idea and something that would have to be crafted by the NFL.

But the NBA is a seven-game series and if the Cavs only played in a single game that 3-1 celebration that we all had in 2016 would cease to exist cause LeBron James and Company would be sitting at home after losing.

First, let’s talk about all of the problems with this…

NFL Players take a lot of wear and tear and wouldn’t want to take more hits in more games in each series.

The time of the playoffs would be longer with each team resting after each game.

The number of rounds and playoff teams would have to be different.

It’s a change in playoffs that has been this way for decades – the tradition is ultimately different.

Baseball is a bunch of series, the aforementioned basketball is a bunch of series and obviously, it’s two very different types of games – but still.

The reason I am even talking about this is because I am a Browns fan and it felt like the team didn’t get a shot because it was only ONE game. How cool would it be if the Texans had to travel back to Cleveland for a Game 2 and subsequently have a Game 3 if it was split between them?

Fans would love it because of the amount of football, the league would generate lots of money and it would make the playoffs even more interesting.

Ultimately, each team getting at least a second shot against a playoff rival would make every round tougher for each other.

Sadly, the Browns can go this entire upcoming season, play amazingly and make the playoffs once again only to just lose again in a single game. That’s what a lot of the talk this year is going be. The regular season means very little when it comes down to it.

Of course, discussions about the Super Bowl itself being a single game as it always has been or a series would have to be decided.

For this to happen there is so much that would have to change throughout. It’s an idea and something interesting to think about.

Enjoy this year’s upcoming Super Bowl! Yes, it’s still one game.

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