Chad’s Receiver

Martavis Bryant @ HOU (ranked 28th vs WR)

It took me awhile to board the Marty B Train this week, but I’m now fully sold. With Antonio Brown out, Bryant is the veteran presence that Roethlisberger keeps in his back pocket as a safe target. Yes, Martavis has underwhelmed most of the fantasy season while Juju has shown star power, but I think he takes full advantage of his situation with AB sidelined this week. We are approaching the end of the season, the Steelers are itching to get their #1 seed and I think there still has to be something there with Martavis Bryant asking for a trade earlier in the season. Everything lines up for him, with little time left in the season, to be motivated to prove he is a valuable starter in this league — either to the Steelers or another team willing to take a shot at him in the offseason. Look for him to see plenty more targets than 4 or 5 this game and to rip down 85+ yards and at least 1 touchdown on a weak Texans secondary.


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