Cavs Will Come Alive To Repeat!

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If you’re anything like me these last couple of games, the Cleveland Cavaliers have kept me pacing in my living room even contemplating turning the game off at the half and yelling the TV. This is nuts but the Cavs make us nuts. Are they better than that? Better than what we’ve seen lately? The answer is yes, the Cavaliers are the 2016 Flat World Champions – I mean 2016 World Champions!

The Cavaliers, just like all the other teams in the NBA, put in grueling training sessions, vigorous travel and game play night after night. Lately, when one injured player is on the mend and jumps back into the game, another one bites the dust with another injury. These are just setbacks that are part of the game and more importantly, these are situations that are happening in the regular season and not the playoffs.

“It matters more that we’re playing better basketball than where we’re at,” he said. “If that results in us having the No. 1 seed, the No. 2 seed, 3 or whatever the hell it is, we need to play better basketball. That’s what it comes down to.” –LeBron James

Still frustrating nonetheless for players and fans, this final stretch of the regular season has been a roller-coaster ride filled with the momentum of LeBron’s slam dunks, Jefferson’s 3-point shots, talented player additions and the downhill slide of the Cavs inability to play defense and produce second chance points.

The Cavs lost the number one spot in the East to the Boston Celtics. Some are nervous but they shouldn’t be because this is regular season basketball and it doesn’t matter now that we’ve already clinched our spot in the playoffs.  The playoffs are what really matter and right now is the time to go through it, watch film, make the mistakes, correct the mistakes and win ball games.

Cleveland always plays their best under pressure. The 2015-2016 season the Cavs went 57-25 and with nine games left in the regular season, the Cavs are working on it. We are currently holding the number two spot in the East at 47-26. We need to focus on game fundamentals and getting our players healthy again to bring another championship back to Cleveland. Coach Lue knows this, the team leaders know this, and that’s why the number one seed isn’t the primary focus and it shouldn’t be. In the end, the postseason is what really matters.

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