This Cavs team came into Game Two with a lot of grit and a fierce attitude. People expected a sweep but that’s not going to happen. The Cavs dismantle the Celtics on their home floor, 118-94. Donovan Mitchell had that killer instinct in him in this game against the Celtics. Mitchell finished with 29 points. 

Mitchell has enough playoff experience at this point. He is not afraid to face a Celtics team in a seven-game series. He showed us a lot in this game with his fearlessness and tenacity. I love his attitude. He looked unguardable in this game. 

This series will come down to the bench players. Caris Levert had a good night. He had 21 points, six rebounds and three assists. His production was huge. Issac Okoro added 12 points. As for the Cavs starting unit, Evan Mobley stepped up as well. Mobley was aggressive and confident. This is the Evan Mobley we need to see on a nightly basis. If Mobley can turn into a Chris Bosh every game, then it’s going to be a nightmare for the Celtics. 

Mitchell, Mobley and Levert combined for 71 points. Outstanding production produced outstanding results. Also, the Cavs’ ball movement was exceptional. 

If you’re the Cavs, you have to feel good about your chances especially since you’re going back home for Games Three and Four. The Cavs did well against the Celtics in the regular season and they can win in the playoffs as well. The playoffs are a different season but the Cavs must maintain this level of play if they want to win this series. Great victory but they have to keep it up for the rest of the series and hopefully no one gets injured along the way. 

Game Three will be on Saturday night at 8:30 pm. 

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