Cavs vs Magic Game Six: What Do The Cavs Need To Do To Close This Series?


After a dramatic 104-103 triumph in Game Five, the Cavs have the chance to close this series now in Game Six in Florida. However, the Cavs suffered two embarrassing defeats in Orlando already and they know they need to elevate their game a lot. So, here’s what we think the Cavs need to win Game Six of this Magic vs Cavs series. 

Cavs vs Magic – is it time to rely on your experience?

The Cavs have players in their ranks that have been in such playoff series closeout moments before. The Magic don’t have that experience. So, the Cavs need to use this experience to their advantage to win Game Six. 

Cavs vs Magic Game Six must-do for the Cavs to win again

We feel confident that if the Cavs achieve the following in Game Six they will close this series with a 4-2 triumph. 

The players that have done it before need to shine

We talk about Donovan Mitchell and the impressive Game Five of vet Marcus Morris Sr. who hardly played a role in the first four games of this series. 

Morris joined the Cavs only late in the season but his experience and extensive playoff history helped him to shine when it mattered most. After playing only in garbage time for four games vs the Magic Morris Sr. was finally given 26 minutes on the floor in Game Five. He scored 12 points, shot 40.0% from beyond the arc and his three-pointers were very timely and decisive. The Cavs need Morris Sr. to be as impactful now in Game Six if they are to close this series.   

Mitchell has been in many similar situations in the past and as the leader of this Cavs team, he will simply have to be the best player on the court in Game Six. “Spida” has proven he can be that guy on numerous occasions in the past. Mitchell had 28 points in Game Five despite shooting only 14.3% from distance. Even a slight improvement on his part from beyond the arc should give him 30 or more points. When Mitchell scored over 30 the Cavs are very hard to beat, so he needs to deliver. 

The Cavs need to push the pace

To win Game Six the Cavs have to play with the pace they used in their three home wins so far in this series. Both defeats in Orlando in Games Three and Four saw the Cavs use a much slower pace. 

Pushing the tempo and attacking in transition open the court for the Cavs. It gives everyone better looks. We’re convinced that for the Cavs to win Game Six they need to play at a fast pace and not fall in the lethargic rhythm the Magic prefer. 

Cavs vs Magic – our prediction

After five consecutive home wins in this series, we think it’s time for an away victory. We back the Cavs to close this contest and progress through to the second round with a hard-fought win. We also back “Spida” to score 30+ points. 

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