Cavs Up 2-0 Against The Magic and Will Now Travel to Orlando


The Cleveland Cavaliers will be on the road for the first time in this series as they travel to Orlando to take on the Magic for Game 3. The Cavs won their first two games in Cleveland against the Magic pretty easily. Even though the Cavs took these first two games, they are going to have to work hard to win this series.

The Cavs did their job in the first two games, winning them as the home team. It is going to be a different atmosphere for Games 3 and 4 as they are now in Orlando. With the Cavs not having a home-field advantage for these next two games, it would easily turn the tides of the series. The Magic are going to be fired up tonight as they finally get to play in front of their home crowd for the 2023-2024 NBA playoffs.

The Cavs will have to continue to play team basketball to make this series 3-0 after tonight. Other than losing F Dean Wade, this Cavs team is healthy which can hopefully make things easier as the playoffs progress.

The Cavaliers will tip off tonight in Orlando against the Magic at 7 p.m. If the Cavs continue to show up, this series should continue to go the Cavs’ way! Go Cavs!!

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