Cavs Unveil 2018-19 City Edition Jersey and Court

The Cavaliers have officially released the new city edition jersey for this year! After the horrible “The Land” jersey from last season, it was impossible for them to do any worse. They took a whole new approach in their design for this one.

The Cavs described the inspiration behind the jersey on their website upon the release.

“Bold colors symbolize the energy between a city and team deeply connected by pride, spirit and optimistic forward motion. Vibrant orange and blue are a nod to the uniform the Cavaliers wore in 1994 during their first season in the new arena when they returned home to downtown Cleveland, which helped stimulate a new era of development and renaissance for the City. Over two decades later, the relationship between the City and the Cavs is forged in common purpose— to continue the momentum of growth and the championship journey with drive, determination and grit.”

It had already been rumored before the season that the Cavs were bringing back the color scheme from their early 90’s uniforms. The Cavs went into further detail on why they chose this particular design.

“Integral to the design of the uniform is the symbolism of one of Northeast Ohio’s most valuable resources. The wave pattern splitting the orange and blue across the chest represents Lake Erie and the power and energy generated from this body of water that defines the shoreline of the City of Cleveland. A force of nature, The Great Lake Erie symbolizes the perseverance and fortitude of a community of people who stand strong together and proudly call themselves “Clevelanders.”

The Cavs first on-court debut will be November 14th. They will also wear them December 7th, December 23rd, January 5th, February 13th and March 26th. There will also be a matching court to go along with the jersey.

I’ll go on record here saying I like these. Maybe it’s because of the nostalgia factor for bringing back the colors of my youth. I think the design is solid, it doesn’t say a stupid phrase, nor is it outlandishly bold like some of the other city jerseys across the league. I’m sure some people will hate it, but we should all agree it’s better than the gross grey ones from last year.

They’ll probably look a lot worse though when we’re getting blown out by 20 points.

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