Cavs trade Hill, Dekker for Dellavedova, Henson, 2 picks and Jason Smith

Matthew Dellavedova is back in Cleveland! This is the greatest return by a former player the city of Cleveland has ever seen!

George Hill trade/buyout rumors have been swirling around since the summer. He’s now the second piece to be moved after the Korver trade. Cavaliers are showing everybody in the league that they’re willing to take on salaries in exchange for assets. Without Hill, this means we will get to see even more Collin Sexton and Jordan Clarkson. Giving our young players more minutes to gain experience is crucial in this rebuild.

Along with George Hill, Sam Dekker is also being moved. Dekker has been out with an ankle injury for the last four weeks. It’s still unknown how much longer he will remain out.

In return for the two players, the Cavaliers are receiving Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson, a 2021 first round pick and a 2021 second round pick from Milwaukee and Jason Smith from the Wizards. They’re also sending the Wizards a 2021 second round pick in exchange for a 2022 second round pick. This is how you build for the future.

An interesting note about the Bucks first round pick is that Giannis is a free agent in 2021. If he were to leave in free agency, it would most likely make this a high pick for the Cavs. This is a huge gamble for Milwaukee, where many are speculating whether Giannis will remain with the team long term.

It doesn’t appear the Cavs are done acquiring assets either.

Now, it’s JR Smith’s turn to be traded. Let’s try and get a first round pick for him too!


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