Well, everyone is excited for the playoff series beginning in Cleveland today. It’s the #4 Cavs against the #5 Orlando Magic and the first game is today at one in The Land. While everyone is excited about this seven-game series, that’s not all it represents.

The Cavs have a superstar point guard on the roster by the name of Donovan Mitchell. This year he averaged 26.6 points, 6.1 assists and 5.1 rebounds all in 55 games played this season for the Wine and Gold.

What matters most is Mitchell’s contract situation. He has a player option after this year for a single season (37 mil).

Essentially, the Cavs would love for Mitchell to sign an extension presumably for four years and around $200 million that would keep him in Cleveland through the 2029-30 season.

Via the Athletic: Of course, Mitchell could inform the Cavs he won’t be signing an extension here, force a trade this summer and retain his Bird rights to sign the same extension elsewhere.  

This is the debate before we talk about this upcoming series…

If Mitchell does not inform the Cavs he is for sure signing an extension, the team could trade him for a great return because another club would feel they could get a great year at least and possibly an extension from Mitchell.

What’s the worst case?

Mitchell plays hard-to-get basketball style, doesn’t eventually sign an extension and leaves Cleveland after the following season with nothing in return because he wasn’t traded.

This upcoming playoff series against the Magic and hopefully more future rounds matter because the point guard needs to see some progress with this team and a reason to sign said extension moving forward.

If the Cavs lose to the Magic, there’s a good chance getting that extension isn’t going to happen. This is a player who wants to contend for a title and not waste his prime years if that isn’t going to happen.

Frankly, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to seek a different opportunity or at least not guarantee that he’ll sign an extension in Cleveland.

I always have to bring up LeBron James. Many felt he could never leave Cleveland. Look what happened not once but twice. It is, in fact, possible for stars to bolt the franchise they once loved.

In this series, the Cavs do have the home-court advantage. Then in the Conference Semi-Finals, would take on either the one-seed Boston Celtics or eight-seed Miami Heat.

These playoffs I believe will have a huge impact on the future decisions made by Spida Mitchell and whether he remains in Cleveland for the coming years or not.

It’s unlikely the Cavs are going to win it all, but seeing the progression is what’s most important.


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