Cavs Take Season Series against Boston with 3-1 Record


The Cavaliers shocked the league by having a big win over the Boston Celtics this past Monday. The Cavs won this game with a final of 118-114 in an overtime victory. This recent game played by these two teams was a tremendous one. The Cavs had an early lead of 9-8 before Boston took control of the game. The Cavs were finally able to crawl back and take the lead once again in the 4th period.

It came down to the last second of regulation for the Boston Celtics to win this game. All they needed to do was just make one free throw and they missed them both forcing the game into overtime. This is where the Cavs took control and got the win. SG Donovan Mitchell took control of the game and SF Lamar Stevens went on a late overtime scoring spree to give the Cavs the edge.

Getting onto the overall series now, the Cavaliers have beaten the Celtics three out of the four times they have played this season. This is huge for the Cavs because the Celtics are fighting for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference with Milwaukee. Everybody has been counting out the Cavs and saying that the Celtics are a much better team. Whether that is true or not, the Cavs have dominated the Celtics throughout this regular season.

All Scores For Cavs Celtics Games This Season

Oct 28, 2022 – Cavs win 132-123 (OT)
Nov 2, 2022 – Cavs win 114-113 (OT)
March 1, 2023 – Celtics win 117-113
March 6, 2023 – Cavs win 118-114 (OT)

These are the game stats and they are close but the Cavs have dominated.

I know this has nothing on the playoffs, but the Cavs will make a run and be a threat in the playoffs. Boston should not be looking the other way from this Cavs team. This will make for an interesting playoff series if it happens.

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