Cavs Survive & Advance – Give Fan Base Wild Ride


It wasn’t easy. It started off ugly and luckily it was a strong finish by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Orlando Magic in Game Seven of this first round of the playoffs. The team took the victory by a score of 106-94. But it was an insane comeback that got this team ahead.

“Orlando scored 13 and nine straight points at separate junctures to seize a 33-18 lead early in the second quarter. The Magic pumped that advantage up to 18 at 47-29” -Reuters

Ultimately, I honestly thought it was over. Despite being at home, this Cavs team lacked any type of spirit and were down nearly 20. The offense was dead and the defense could only do so much to hold on.

However, what do they say?

Well, basketball is a game of runs. That was certainly the case in this Game Seven and it’s truly a long game. That 18-point lead for the Magic was a big one, yet there were just about five minutes left in the second quarter. Plus, the Cavs were on the home floor as well.

Luckily, the team was able to cut the deficit to 10 by halftime (53-43). A lot more manageable than before. Being able to do that was crucial for a win. Gave the team some confidence after that garbage beginning where you could hear a pin-drop in the Rocket Mortage Fieldhouse.

Honestly, the Magic choked. They should be ashamed of that close.

This team had every opportunity to win a series in Game Seven even on the road and completely blew it. Yes, credit needs to be given to the Cavs for clawing back but wow. Being up 18 and eventually losing by 12.

30-point swing.

Mitchell ended up dropping 39 in this game that many felt could’ve been his last one ever as a Cav. Now, he has a guaranteed four more before the talks begin after this series with the Celtics unless the Cavs find some way to defeat them.

This graphic below is the win probability for the previous game. This type of garbage cannot happen in this upcoming Boston series. Unlike the Magic, these Celtics aren’t going to let you come back.

Game One is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night in Boston. Hey, there’s always a chance despite the clear disparity in this upcoming battle. Many are going to have to step up as it can’t just be the Mitchell Show or this will be a quick one.

Check out this site for more details on #1 Celtics and #4 Cavs series and everything there is to know as this series progresses!


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