April 20, 2024

Cavs Sign Jose Calderon to One-Year Deal


Yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally made an offseason move. Unfortunately, that move wasn’t a deal to bring Paul George to Cleveland. The Cavs agreed to a contract with NBA free agent point guard Jose Calderdon. He will be signed to a one-year $2.3 million dollar deal for the veteran minimum. Jose will serve as backup point guard for Kyrie Irving. Calderon’s signing indicates that the Cavs will not pursue the re-signing of Deron Williams and let him go in free agency.

Jose Calderon is a 12-year NBA veteran and will be 36 at the start of next season. He averaged 3.4 points and 2.1 assists in 41 games with the Lakers, Hawks and Warriors last season.

While Deron Williams played well during the regular season last year, his playoff and finals performances showed he was not the answer to the Cavs backup point guard question going forward. Though, I don’t see how a 36-year-old Jose Calderon will fair much better than Deron did. He has never been a great defender and it looked like that was what the Cavs needed most in that spot. It may have come down to the fact that they needed someone who can play for a veteran’s minimum. That way, the Cavs can try and salvage what little cap space they have left to re-sign Kyle Korver.

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