Cavs Roundtable: NBA Finals Edition

6. Series Prediction

CK: This should be an exciting Finals series, and will very likely have at least a couple games that end in less than five points between winning and losing. However, with the Cavaliers finally within reach of that brass ring, I think they take the series in 5 games, with Lebron once again winning Finals MVP. Even better, Cleveland finally has its first title of the last 50 years, and the celebration envelops Northeast Ohio for no less than four days after.

MA: Cavs in 6. We won’t win one of the first two games because of Oracle, but we should take a 3-1 advantage back in Cleveland. I see another loss in California, only leading to us taking Cleveland’s first title since 1964 in The Q.

JL: It only took us 4 games to finish our series.  CLE 4- GSW 2

CS: I had a hard time coming up with a prediction. As much as I don’t want to say it, I pick Warriors in 7. The teams split in Oakland, and then split in Cleveland. With the series tied at 2, Golden State wins Game 5, then the Cavs win Game 6. While there have been only six Game 7’s over the past 25 years, the home team has won every single game, and that’s why the Warriors will take Game 7, and win the NBA Title (sorry Cleveland).



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