Cavs Roundtable: NBA Finals Edition

4. Golden State has a 45-3 home record this season, can the Cavs steal home court advantage?

CK: The Cavaliers can absolutely steal at least one game at the Oracle. They have only gotten better as the postseason progressed, as evidenced by their sledgehammering of the Atlanta Hawks. Looking at the two games the faced each other in the regular season, it’s not hard to see how there are arcs in terms of play. In their first meeting, the Warriors were in the middle of an eight game win streak. On the other end, the Cavaliers were playing without Lebron James, and were in the middle of a six game losing streak. Compare that to the second game they played and it’s night and day. Lebron had 42 points, and was beating Draymond Green so badly that Steve Kerr had to bring in Andre Iguodala to guard him, which still didn’t stop him.

MA: Yes. The Cavs are hot, but Golden State at home is extremely intimidating. Oracle Arena is a really tough place to play, but that’s what everyone said about Philips Arena, and we left with a sweep. Curry and the Warriors will have the fans behind them no matter what happens, but it’s plausible that the Cavs could come back to the 216 with a 1-1 tie and momentum. Once we get into the series, Oracle Arena shouldn’t phase the Cavaliers anymore. 

JL: Known to many as the “Roracle” playing off the original name Oracle, their crowd has always been a lively bunch. Back to the days of Mullin, Hardaway and Richmond, the Warriors have always had a good crowd. However, LeBron has expressed his enjoyment with playing playoff road games. He explained earlier in the season that it brings out the real King James. Kyrie Irving has also shown great performances on the road (San Antonio 55+ points). Other players have also performed great on the road. Winning one game in Oakland isn’t hard to fathom, now winning both games in Golden State is gonna be hard.

CS: The Oracle Arena is going to be an extremely hostile and may be the toughest place in the NBA to play. Remember back in the 2009 playoffs, the Cavs had a 43-2 home record heading to the Eastern Conference Finals against Orlando. Orlando took Game 1 and changed the entire series. LeBron thrives off opposing crowds, and the Cavs will be heading back to Cleveland with the series tied.

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