Cavs Roundtable: NBA Finals Edition

2. Steph Curry or LeBron James?

CK: It has to be Lebron James. With him on the floor, the Cavaliers have both a fantastic forward, and a high-level floor general. He sets the mood for his team, and can dictate how an entire game goes. The best part about him this postseason has been watching him learn that he can trust his teammates when he has gone cold. He is a great facilitator and he somehow manages to raise the play of those around him. There is no doubt in my mind that he will bring home a title to the city of Cleveland, and the time is now in his eyes.

MA: LeBron James. Sure, Steph Curry may have been the MVP this year. He might be the best PG in the league now. However, LeBron is a dynamic leader. He finds open players, can shoot from anywhere, can box out, and can play defense. Steph is an exceptional player and will be for years to come, but LeBron simply makes his teammates better. Compare Mozgov, Shump, and J.R. Smith’s stats to those of their former teams. While Warriors fans might not want to admit it, LeBron is the real star of the series.

JL: When LeBron James left back in 2010, I hated him SO MUCH! There were no better feelings when James failed to win two of four times. The reason I hated him so much was because I was jealous. For the last five years, including this year, LeBron has been the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA. There are few ways to stop James and there isn’t a true defensive icon on the Warriors. Iggy is past his prime, so look for James to have a series for the ages.  My dad used to say “You live by the three, you die by the three.” Steph Curry lives by the three. It’s even obvious that players are playing off him. The Cavaliers have prided themselves on their defensive power this postseason. Steph Curry is shy against contact and hasn’t played against a big defensive player such as Iman Shumpert. I look for Curry to still get his, but at the cost of his team’s success.

CS: Please, who made these questions (oh, wait)? While Steph may have just won the MVP, it is still a consensus that LeBron is the best player in the NBA. While Curry has been shooting like a mad man this postseason, Lebron has literally carried the Cavs to the Finals without Kevin Love, and with a half-way-healthy Kyrie. I’d like to see Curry take Golden State to the Finals without Draymond Green and with Klay Thompson playing on one leg.

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