Kyrie Irving

We all knew it was going to be an adjustment for Kyrie to learn how to play with LeBron. He needed to learn how to play a whole new type of basketball. Irving has been the best player on every team he’s ever been on. He was the best player in high school, college, and his first 3 years in the NBA. All that changed this year when LeBron decided to come back home.

Kyrie has adjusted great to his new role. He has learned how to score without being the primary ball handler. He is averaging 22/5/3. Those are numbers I’d take any day. His game has meshed nicely with LeBron and he’s proven to be the best point guard LeBron has ever played with. His defense has also stepped and he showed us he can be an above average NBA defender.

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I believe Kyrie is on his way to becoming the best point guard in the East. I’m not saying he’s there now, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be there in a few years. Remember, he’s only 22. Uncle Drew’s best years are in front of him.

My only concern about Irving is the amount of minutes he’s played this year. He leads the entire league with 38 minutes per game. That’s something the Cavs need to address moving forward. Kyrie has shown to be injury prone and he’s played a lot of basketball recently. He was on the US FIBA World Cup team that won gold. He really hasn’t had a break in a long time and if the Cavs keep winning he won’t get a break until July. His minutes are something to definitely watch in the 2nd half of the season.


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